Norma Thornburg's Biography

Norma is currently the director of emerging technologies for the Thornburg Center where she shares her insights on trends relating to tools that help students learn more effectively.  She has been a classroom teacher, a principal, a technology coordinator, and an educational consultant.  Her work brings her all over the world.

While too young to have been caught in the Sputnik craze, she developed a strong interest in technology anyway, and has worked for years on projects where students design and build computer-controlled robots themselves.

Norma's work in support of constructivist learning led her to write the first book on the Logo programming language in Brazil.  She has many years experience working in the field of inquiry-driven project-based learning.  Her experience ranges from being a school principal to consulting in both the public and private sectors of education.

Her time is split between the US and Brazil where she consults for schools, presents at conferences, and works in both the public and private educational sectors.